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Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little more.

Let me begin my story here: I am a mother, and steward of the earth. 

Professionally, I am a  Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant, Group Facilitator and Artist.  

I live and work out of our 100 year old cottage home near the sea in Victoria ~ with my husband and young daughter, one dog, one cat, and the menagerie of winged, furred and feathered creatures that allow us to share this land.

I count my blessings every day that I get to make my living doing what I LOVE.

Therapeutic Support

Although technically, I draw upon a variety of therapeutic approaches (Systems, Experiential, Transpersonal, Attachment Science, Somatic, Relational), in my practice, I essentially work with a “heart-centred” approach. 

What Brought Me Here

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My career began over fifteen years ago as a theatre artist. Fuelled by a fascination with people and stories, I collaborated with gifted artists, wove narratives, and put on shows. I fell in love with yoga, mindfulness & meditation. I became a yoga teacher. 

I slowly learned that what anchored me along my path, was a deep intrigue with relationships and honest inquiry into the human soul. I loved talking with students before and after class about their internal landscapes. About their lives. I felt called to study the human mind and heart in a different way…and I became a psychotherapist.

I trained at Clearmind International, a program on the leading edge of Systems and Transpersonal Psychology. I also have expertise in one of the most researched and highly effective relationship counselling approaches in the world: Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples. This means I have a well-researched understanding of the needs of adults in romantic/love relationships and what is known about helping couples have healthy, long-lasting relationships.

I have been told that I have a gift for seeing the wholeness in people. My approach gently meets clients right where they are, and hold safe supportive space to explore all that may be alive in them ~ whatever is present. I operate from a compassionate belief in the potential for the human spirit. This means I  see your beauty and the WHOLE you, no matter what. 

The radical optimist and radical compassionist in me fuels my work. As does a deep respect of the sacred rights of all beings.

I feel strongly that we each deserve a safe and supportive space to explore the unique landscape within each of us: the unique pain, joy, and everything in between. I am grateful for the life experiences that have afforded me the skills to become a specialist in this field.

I can say with 100% certainty that I am grateful to the struggles I have faced (and still face), that help me honestly approach myself and the important relationships in my life with the reverence and respect they deserve.

I’m not saying it hasn’t been hard. There have been times when the circumstances of life, or internal feelings have been so intense, I have wanted to crawl out of my skin. What I am saying is I feel grateful to know now in my bones that each time I meet a new road block (or  loss), I have an opportunity to be with it…be-friend it, with full faith that another piece is being birthed. And what’s more, the medicine I myself need, is the very medicine I now offer to those who feel called to work with me

My historic challenges with being highly sensitive for example, have shifted significantly from seeing my sensitivity as a burden, to now opening to the beauty and deep gift that this quality brings to my life and to the lives of others.

When I experienced the gut-wrenching pain of pregnancy loss, I was convinced I would never find a way out of the grief. With compassionate support, and allowing the process to unfold as it needed to, I now have a dynamic, kind, and ongoing relationship to forgiveness that I never imagined possible. I am grateful for the relationship I have to walking with grief and with death, in a way that has me experience a deep reverence and quiet gratitude for ALL life. A deep bow of respect to you, if loss has touched your life, too. 

And then, there was the initiation of motherhood. Despite coming into the gig of ami & mamamom-hood with a rather self-assured attitude of “Yeah, I got this”, and feeling well-equipped with years of personal growth work, I was not prepared for the amount of doubt and insecurity I would feel about how I was doing as a mom. And, despite historically having a pretty solid handle on how to navigate through the territory of anxiety, I was really not prepared for the levels of anxiety that on some days felt like it enveloped my body from head to toe. My perfectionist demons reared their heads, as did a fear that I was going to screw up this beautiful, innocent child.

The process of loss, finally growing & birthing a child, then the experience of stewarding that child…has brought me to my knees. In the best possible way. 

I am grateful for learning how to nurture myself. I am grateful for the relationship to my inner guidance. I am grateful for the ongoing relationship to humility I now dance with. I am grateful for the Self-Compassion that was (and still is) a necessary component every day. And, I am grateful for the delightful, trusting, connected relationship I have with my daughter that has come from that.

I am grateful too that the process of befriending the hard stuff…the emotional
, and allowing self-compassion in, naturally has enhanced my knowledge and refined my skills as a therapeutic practitioner.

I love my job.
I love that every day I get to open my heart to the beautiful, magnificent mystery of our shared humanity. 




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Education & Training

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with the ACCT (Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada)

EFT Summit: San Diego, 2017

Creating Connections :: Attachment & Neuroscience:  National Marriage Seminar, Washington DC, 2016

Mindful Educator Essentials: Mindful Schools. 2016

Listening Mothers Training: Community of Mindful Parenting, 2014

3-Year Counsellor Training Program in Applied Transpersonal & Somatic Psychology from Clearmind International Institute 2005

Bachelor’s Degree in Fine and Performing Arts from Simon Fraser University 1995-2000

Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant Program through the Celebrant Foundation & Institute

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT) Externship & Advanced Core Skills 2009 with Dr. Leanne Campbell & Dr. David Fairweather empirically validated by American Psych. Ass.

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT) Externships (ongoing 2005-2015) with Dr. Sue Johnson. PhD. (founder of EFT).

Emotionally Focused Therapy Summit (3 day instensive) 2007

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (Prana Yoga & Zen Centre) 2001-2002

Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training 2003-2004

Medicine Wheel Training: Three Flame Medicine 2005 -2006, 2015


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