Mother Blessings

mama blessing 1Mother Blessing ceremonies honour the mama-to-be. As the guest of honour, she is nourished and nurtured by her circle of loved ones. A wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the powerful threshold of motherhood, the commitment and energy involved, and feel the deep support of those in her community.

 $350 + depending on scope


Baby Blessings

baby blessing 3Baby Blessings (or Baby Naming Ceremonies), are an opportunity for parents, friends, and important family members to welcome this beautiful new being into their circle. We craft a unique ceremony that acknowledges how this transition is significant for your particular circumstances and experience. 

$350 + depending on scope


Home Blessings

home blessing 1Moving to a new home is usually a big deal, regardless of the circumstances. HOME is important. Our bodies and souls need a place and space of nourishment. Before, during, or after the process of “settling in”, a Home Blessing ceremony gently provides support for your transition to a new home. There are many options here, depending on your needs.

$350+ depending on scope



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