Navigating through the territory of loss is not something we as humans are meant to do alone.

Whether you envision a large Memorial or Celebration of Life service, or a more private, quiet ceremony to honour your loss, I offer ceremonial support.

I hold space for the process and bring gentle honouring for exactly where you (or you and your community) are at.

Along with ceremonial support and creation, I also offer counselling support to individuals, couples and families who have experienced loss. 

Whether you are looking for a ceremony to honour a beloved person, animal, loss of home or way of life…or perhaps feeling unresolved about a previous transition that you did not come to peace with at the time…the process of creating conscious, mindful ceremony to honour loss, is good medicine for the soul.

Smaller ceremonies of honouring begin at $450.

Memorials, Funerals, & Celebrations of Life begin at $750.

For more information please contact me here to arrange your FREE PHONE CONSULTATION