Parenting with Peace ~ Parenting with Purpose


Imagine being a child and feeling deeply respected. Knowing in your bones that you are not just loved, but also fully seen, heard, and truly allowed to be ALL of who you are.

Imagine deeply knowing your worth, deeply trusting your caregivers, and having a palpable sense of genuine trust in yourself.

This…is our birthright: an experience and way of being that many parents long to foster in their children.

Now, imagine a world where all of our teachers, leaders, healers, and community members were brought up with this kind of deep, unequivocal respect and nurturing of their souls.

In our modern world, with an alarmingly high number of parents reporting feeling ongoingly stressed and overwhelmed, finding a way to bring this experience into sustainable practice often feels like a struggle. Naturally our children are struggling too.

It is my whole-hearted belief that at this time in history, parenting with mindfulness and deep respect for our children…is revolutionary. 

As parents, we are being called to hold a kind of sacred and solid space for our children. We are not, as some might assert, here to “shape” or “mold” them. We are here to foster their innate sense of goodness: something that is already in tact. Our children are good at their core. They are whole human beings, regardless of the behaviours they may exhibit, or challenges we face with them.

Our job as parents then…is to be stewards of this inherent wholeness.

This might seem like a daunting task. And it is, if we get stuck in the prevailing idea that we need to do it alone.


Parenting with Support ~ Answering the Call


The job of parenting was never meant to be done in isolation. And yet, more and more, I hear moms and dads speak of how lonely the job sometimes feels. How hard it feels. 

As a mom myself, I have deep compassion for this. There is such pressure on parents these days to do it SO WELL.

The truth is, we CAN do it well…and the process of shifting overwhelm into a sustainable sense of ease, begins with opening to our right to support. We all, as humans, and especially as parents, deserve a safe and supportive space to feel, and to be seen.

This call towards parenting with consciousness is not one that every parent will answer. If you are like a growing number of parents who resonate with the truth that children are innately good…the call will be heard in some form…

For some, the call might come in the first days or weeks of new parenthood. Am I doing it right? Why do I have such intense feelings now? How do I take care of the needs of my baby, and my own needs as well? ( More info on Post-Partum Support for moms here.)

For others, it is the huge adjustments in the romantic relationship with their partner that bring to light a need for support. How do we focus on this little person/people, AND have time or energy for the relationship too? (More info on Couples Counselling here.)

For some parents, the call comes once the child enters toddler-hood, or later. The idea of parenting without punishment for example, and the reality of HOW to put it into practice are so far apart from each other that the sense of frustration and overwhelm is the loudest call to seeking support.

For others, parenting feels ok, but there is a sense that their family experience lacks the peace, freedom or real joy they seek.

I offer individual sessions for one parent, and/or I also offer sessions to couples seeking support for parenting issues as well as relationship issues (they are so intertwined, aren’t they:).

For most people, it takes a particular kind of courage to answer the call to continue to show up for our children, for ourselves, and the relationships that matter to us.

I invite you to take this courageous step.

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