“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~ Mary Oliver


‘What is my purpose in life?’

‘What path do I take?’

‘What is my destiny?’

‘How can I turn my dreams into a reality?’

No matter what you call it – life purpose, destiny, path or calling – we all ask ourselves at least once in our lives why we are on this earth. Most of us wrestle with these questions and more.

In the Soul’s Code, James Hillman urges us to consider something called the ‘acorn theory’.  His theory suggests that each of us has a map of our unique ‘oak tree’ written on the acorn of our soul.

This is our calling; our destiny. Our work, then, is to listen and to uncover that call.

How often though do we get bogged down by daily struggles or overwhelm that becomes like a kind of ‘static’ in the way of us really LIVING our destiny.

Perhaps you haven’t heard the call clearly yet, and are hoping for some support to do so.

Or, perhaps you have heard the call but it feels like something is holding you back from taking that leap. You cannot envision that next concrete step or how to manage your time, energy and resources to bring your dream to fruition.

I offer support to help unpack and explore all the feelings and beliefs standing between your and your purpose. At the same time, I hold the vision throughout the work that your soul already has a calling just waiting to be revealed and brought into being.

We all have a function on this planet that is divinely unique and that nobody but you can fulfill. One of my mentors calls this our “medicine”. I LOVE this frame.

More so than at any other point in history, I believe that the world is calling for each of us to acknowledge this unique function (our medicine) and then live it. Contribute our purpose, our destiny to the world.

Whether you know what your life’s purpose is or it still eludes you, I can help and support you to align and fulfill your destiny. Happiness and wholeness comes with living your passion – vibrantly and authentically.

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“Sarah’s support and guidance has been integral in my personal healing journey. Sarah brought a compassionate presence, wisdom, trust, authenticity, openness, wholeness, and joy into all of our interactions. I experienced a deep sense of safety while working with Sarah and felt that she was always holding the highest vision of me. Her intuitive guidance enabled, challenged, and inspired me to better access my own inner resources. I would highly recommend Sarah as a counsellor to anyone interested in expanding their view of what is possible in their life and in learning how to return to a state of love and wholeness.”

– C.G., Vancouver