Hold Me Tight™  

Couples Workshop

 Victoria, BC

  • Do you seek more fulfilling connection with your partner?
  • Do you sometimes find yourselves stuck in a pattern that leaves you feeling disconnected?
  • Do you struggle with communication?


The Hold Me Tight  Workshop experience is designed to bring support, connection, and vitality to you and your relationship.

This workshop is perfect for couples who seek to enhance their relationship, and want to do it in a friendly & supportive atmosphere, with an accessible and informative approach. The stories, new ideas and exercises offered in Hold Me Tight are based on the new science of love and the wisdom of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (An attachment-based theory of adult love), an effective & revolutionary model developed by Dr. Sue Johnson.


Contact Sarah here for more info on future Hold Me Tight events & workshops, or to inquire about couples counselling.