I am passionate about the benefits of authentic ritual. Not just personal benefits, but the vibrant, alive, connection-promoting impact we can have on our families and communities when we cultivate ritual in a way that is fresh, and genuinely speaks to us.

The kind of ritual I am talking about here is ritual that is rich with elements that are unique to YOU and YOUR family.

Ritual that celebrates relationship: Your relationship to yourself, and the other members of your family and/or community.

Ritual that breathes life into your daily rhythms.

Ritual that honours important times of the seasons for YOUR family.

Ritual that brings you a sense of comfort, AND a sense of aliveness at the same time.

Ritual that brings family members on to the same page.

Ritual that invites presence, in the middle of the seeming chaos, or the ‘stuff’ of life.

Ritual that solidifies our trust in ourselves and our loved ones.

Ritual that serves your authentic needs.

Ritual…that connects.

When ritual like this is woven into our family life together, we learn to trust it, trust each other. Grow. And who better to implement it into your own family than….YOU.

You are the expert. And I support you to feel that, live that, and BE that in your family or community.

$150 ~ for 75 minute session.

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