PRE & POST PARTUM Counselling for Moms



Dear Mama,

If you are expecting a baby, or have recently welcomed a new child into your family, you have entered into one of the biggest initiations of your life.

Whether this baby is your first, or you are a mom to more than one, each time a child enters your family, life changes. Big time.

The good news is ~ it’s supposed to change. We are wired for connection, and we are wired to adapt to stewarding our young. That said, we don’t always expect the kinds of changes that manifest. Even though most of us “prepare” ourselves to some degree, there is nothing that fully prepares us for the massive changes we feel on so many levels, when we enter the landscape of getting ready for, and then parenting these small humans.

From sleep changes, to relationship shifts, to physical changes, to a shift in our identity, our involvement in the world, to self-doubt, to a change in our relationship with TIME, changes in our relationship to our friends, our community. And… many emotions often accompany this experience.

This is true whether you are growing and stewarding a biological child, or adopting a child.

If you are experiencing extra sensitivity, or overwhelm in any area of your life in the midst of this transition, you are not alone. 

Right now there are thousands of new mothers learning to navigate this new territory of pregnancy and motherhood along with you. Thousands of new mothers dancing, in their own unique way, with the intense love they feel for their baby, as well as the waves of overwhelm, doubt, and worries that may come when they least expect it.

As a counsellor, I bring my experience as a mother as well as over a decade of clinical practice.

Whatever you are experiencing is just right. And I am here to walk with you on your journey.

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If you feel called to connecting with other conscious moms in a supportive, inclusive group setting, you may be interested in joining the  Wise Heart Mamas Circle for moms.


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