Honouring how we move through each season tunes us into a sweet kind of rhythm.

We get to know our needs, and nature’s cycle in a more intimate way.

There is also something that happens to our nervous systems when we can trust that when a certain time of year arrives, we will be connecting in that same sweet way together as a family. For example, when spring comes…we lovingly harvest nettles together. Or, when December comes… we go through advent stories together each night. Perhaps in your family, there are games you might want to include, songs, fun things around meal-times, or adventures. Whatever we do…there is great value in identifying and deepening our relationship to this kind of ritual.

Giving focus to certain points through the calendar year in a sustainable way can bring a profound sense of support, trust and joy to our inner landscape. This does not have to be elaborate. Some of our favourite rituals we do in our home are so simple…and yet, some of the things we MOST look forward to each year.

I steward the inner ceremonialist in YOU. I support you to tune into and cultivate the rituals that feel fabulous for you and your family. 

Individuals: $150 for for 1 hr + 15 min. (75 min)

Couples: $180 for 1 hr + 15 min. (75 min)

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