Each year, I work with a maximum of four couples to co-create a powerful and moving ceremonial experience that I call Mindful Marriage. This experience is so much more than the ceremony though. It is a mindful, heart-full process, which deeply honours the potent time leading up to the wedding…as well as carefully custom-crafting a uniquely YOU ceremony.


How do I know if this experience is right for us as a couple?


  • I am not the Celebrant for you if:

~ You are looking for someone who will make & perform a simple, short and sweet wedding service. (There are many other skilled officiants and ceremonialists in the area who offer that kind of service.)

  • I might be the Celebrant for you if:

~ You want to deepen your connection with each other, through working with me in Mindful Marriage sessions as we prepare for your ceremony,

~ You truly desire to step through this threshold with eyes wide open. You are doing your best to be conscious,  authentic, and be free to grow, shoulder to shoulder alongside your beloved.

~ You are willing to look at yourself & show yourself (your genuine human self) honestly, in the presence of your partner.

~ You consider yourself a couple who is interested in tuning in to what it really means to you both, as you take this next step toward a lifetime of love. 

~ You respect the profound threshold of commitment you are stepping into.

~ You hope to bring awareness, exploration & intention as you prepare for this threshold.

~ The want the vows you will be speaking to each other, to mean something.

~ You understand the care, attention, and time it takes to develop the close connection you share with your beloved. Similarly, you understand the care and time it takes to create the very ceremony that speaks to this love you share, in a way that is rich with your uniqueness.

~ You want to work with a Celebrant who knows you well, and sees the process of creating  your wedding ceremony a one-of-a-kind, sacred work of art with you. 


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Approaching the Threshold of Marriage…

A Rich Ceremonial Experience 


::: What is included in the MINDFUL MARRIAGE Experience? :::


Four Relationship Deepening Sessions with me (Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC).

Sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length, and have been carefully designed to build on each other, cultivating the kind of genuine, present connection you really want as you come together in marriage. As we work together, the process brings to light, in a clear and palpable way, the very essence of what you choose to vow to one another, personally, privately, as well as within the ceremony itself. 


A fully custom-crafted, one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony, created from a blank canvas. 

Carefully woven words, and rituals (when appropriate), bringing together all the elements into a cohesive and unique expression of you, anchored in the symbols of your love, rich with your personality. 


*Wedding Rehearsal (usually the day before the ceremony). 


::: The Mindful Marriage Experience is offered at a fee of $1997 to only four couples each year:::



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“Thank you is not nearly enough to express our gratitude for all that you did in and around our wedding. It really was the most perfect ceremony, more than what we dreamed it would be! Thanks, also, for all of the time you spent with us leading up to our big day. We really are so thankful that you came into our lives and our wedding would not have been the same without you. A billion thanks!”  ~ Michelle & Demill


Getting to know your Celebrant

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When I was a little girl, I would spend hours creating magical worlds in the forest that was our backyard, in the rural interior of BC. I built fairey homes, flower mandalas, altars, and sand-paintings. At the time I had no framework for the importance of ceremony. Rather, it was like an innate force inside me was constantly seeking – and then finding – opportunities to play in ritual time.


My internal “ritual seeker” led me to my first love: the theatre. Looking back on the essays I wrote along the way to my university degree in theatre, I noticed one after the other mentioning ritual as an art form, and suggesting the blurred line in ancient times between theatre and ritual. Ritual for the ancients was afterall just part of life. And so was art.

When my husband and I were on the precipice of marriage over a decade ago, I began to reclaim the ceremonialist in me in a deeper way. The process of building our own personalized wedding and moving through the threshold from “single” to “married” was a big one. Co-creating a ceremony that truly fed my soul re-awakened that love for ritual time. Giving the attention to such an important threshold gave way to a gnawing sense in me that it was time to pursue ritual further.

I entered an intense period of study in Psychology, Mindfulness, and Professional Celebrant training. I became a mother. And through it, my relationship to ceremony has become more intimate and real. For me, marking passages in a meaningful way, and supporting others to do the same, is now a non-negotiable, essential part of my life!

meet the wedding officiants sarah 2I love what I do. I have so much gratitude for the journey that has led me here, for the incredible community I am a part of, and for all of you who allow me to do my life’s work with you. In the process, my heart feels wide open and I feel in alignment with my life’s purpose. What a gift.

My Training ~

I am a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant with the highly regarded Celebrant Foundation & Institute and legally ordained Reverend & Minister. 

I also draw on my varied history in the healing, creative and academic realms – I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC) with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT) , and I hold degrees in Theatre as well as Metaphysical Science.