“The currency of wellness is connection” ~ John W. Travis


Reclaiming the Heart of Ritual

There is a great longing within each of us.

We long to know our souls…and share them. We long to experience our selves in relationship with other people. We long to belong….connect…grow.

It is our birthright to live a life rich with connection, vitality and fulfillment.

How do we do that?

One way we as humans have aligned with our birthright to connect, grow and thrive…since time immemorial…is through Ceremony. Ritual.

The idea of ceremony is not a new one of course. Historically, ritual, art and life were interwoven.

So many of us have a deep need to reclaim ritual, to reconnect with the heart of its essence: that is – honouring and commemorating those big moments in life.


Threshold n. The Point where a new era of experience begins. ~Encarta World English Dictionary

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When we create authentic ceremony, we experience a powerful unfolding of the threshold we are embarking on. Ceremony brings living, breathing cohesion to the transitions we are in the midst of.

We all go through periods in our lives that are heightened times of change. I call these ‘threshold times’.

As well as offering counselling for individuals, couples and families during transitions, I also offer ceremony and mentoring for you to cultivate your own ceremonies in your family. Ceremony serves to bring not only support and context in the midst of these shifts, but also the reverence, respect and attention these important times in our lives deserve.


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