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A New Vision for Emotional Well-being

It is our birthright to live a life of connection, vitality and fulfillment. However, we don’t always feel those things.. Most of us find ourselves at some time or another, feeling stuck. 

As a Holistic Psychotherapist I operate from a compassionate belief in the potential of the human spirit, or soul. When we struggle in life, we are not at the end of our story – we are the middle of our unique narrative. Yes, it can feel quite painful at the time, AND there is beauty here too, in this rich terrain. I meet you where you are, while supporting you to tune into your unique wellspring of resourcefulness. Within every worthwhile journey is an element of struggle. And within every struggle, something beautiful is just waiting to be unearthed.

Many of us have a sense this is possible, but often don’t know how to bridge what feels like an enormous gap between the obstacles and whatever the opportunity might be.

Experiencing authentic, sustainable fulfillment is…well…an art.

Reclaiming this art, in your own unique and wonderful way is possible.

Supporting you to do that with integrity and grace… is my mission.


Effective Research-based Approach 

My therapeutic approach is grounded in the philosophy that healthy relationships – to oneself, others and a larger whole – are at the core of a vibrant life.  My methodology is based on over a decade of clinical practice as well as extensive research shown to help us as humans create lasting, sustainable change. To read my full bio, please click here.

With a wide range of expertise from the scientific to the intuitive, my specialty lies in finding the unique approach and/or combination of approaches that is just right for you.

I frame the work we do as sacred indeed. Together, we unpack, unfold, shine a compassionate light on what is current for you. In the midst of our work together, I incorporate these frameworks or approaches along the way:




Attachment & neuroscience

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

Systems Theory

Transpersonal perspective


I work creatively and collaboratively with you to promote healthy growth in your life, relationships, and in the realms of mind, body and spirit.


Some of my areas of specialty include:

High Sensitivity
Incorporating Mindfulness & Self-Compassion into current struggles
Anxiety or Worry during Pregnancy
Adjusting to new parenthood
Self-care/self-compassion while caring for children
Supporting kids to have Emotional Intelligence 
Emotional support during fertility challenges
Trying to Conceive after loss (TTC)
Parenting after loss (PAL)
Grief after pregnancy or infant loss.


We all struggle in one way or other. And…we all need, and deserve, support in the middle of our struggles.


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Sarah is a warm and loving woman with a generous heart.  She holds space for clients so that they feel accepted and loved no matter how difficult or messy their current struggle might be.  Her faith in the magnificence of the human spirit is unwavering and it is this philosophy which makes her unique in the counselling profession” E.W. (RPC)